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Last Minute Great Hotel Deal For 113th Canton Fair

The 113th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is just around the corner. We HRC have hand-picked a selection of hotels with ideal locations and best room rates for our guests. You can enjoy your Canton Fair trip with our services and book following hotels with instant confirmation.

Royal Mediterranean Hotel Guangzhou

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1. The room will be charged in CNY, and the exchange rate is subject to the floating rate.
2. Major credit cards are accepted.
3. Reservation is subject to room availability and final confirmation.
4. Your specific arrival information is appreciated so that we can make better arrangement for you accordingly.
5. Please kindly note that, in the case of booking without guarantee, room reservation can be only kept until 18:00 (GMT+8).
6. The above rates are not applicable during the period of China Import & Export Fair (Canton Fair), that is, 15th Apr. to 5th May & 15th Oct. to 4th Nov.
7. Please contact us as soon as possible in case of any amendment or cancellation.

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President Hotel Guangzhou  Hotel Deals!

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2013 Canton Fair Package (Save $97) From USD 440, incl. 3 nights, breakfasts & other benefits
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Newly renovated, President Hotel is a comfortable downtown hotel with super location with easy access to Pazhou Complex, airport and shopping centers: within 1 minute’s walk (30 meters) to the Metro Station and several large shopping centers within 3 minutes’ walking distance; about 15 minutes by car to the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex and 10 minutes to Guangzhou East Railway Station (Guangzhou-Kowloon Railway Station). And 40 minutes to Baiyun International Airport with the airport express having a stop at the hotel.
1. The room will be charged in CNY, and the exchange rate is subject to the floating rate.
2. All room reservation must be guaranteed or prepaid EXCEPT online instant confirmation booking
3. In the event of amendment or cancellation, a written notice is required to reach our office 15 working days prior arrival. Otherwise, one night room charge (including tax & service charges) of the above booking will be levied automatically under any circumstances.
4. In the event of no-show, one night room charge (including tax & service charges) will be levied under any circumstances, and the reservation will not be kept for the following days.
5. Free shuttle buses are provided between the Hotel and Canton Fair.
6. Reservations are subject to room availability and final confirmation EXCEPT online instant confirmation booking.

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Cheap Guangzhou Hotels, Budget Deals with Discounts

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Long Quan Hotel Guangzhou

247The Long Quan Hotel Guangzhou is a business hotel conveniently located in the flourishing Panyun District, next to city center and numbers of restaurants and bars, and well connected to the different parts of the city. The hotel is located 70 km from the New Baiyun International Airport, 35 km from the Guangzhou Railway Station, 25km to Nansha Harbor, and 10 minutes walk from the metro station. The room facilities at Long Quan Hotel Guangzhou keep in mind the needs of the guests. There are 139 guest rooms that are well appointed for a comfortable stay. The hotel amenities and services at Long Quan Hotel Panyu cater to the needs of the guests for a comfortable stay. The dining and wining services caters both the Chinese and Western cuisines to satiate the taste palates of the guests. Book Hotels here :
Xinhua Riverside Hotel Guangzhou

Located on the north bank of Pearl River, the 3-star Xinhua Hotel is a historical landmark of the city with easy access to shopping centers like Haizhu Square and Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street. It takes about 30 minutes to Canton Fair Pazhou Complex and 40 minutes to Baiyun International Airport.
Famous for its hospitality, the hotel offers 140 well-equipped guest rooms with free broadband internet access. 24-hour Convenience Market and Coffee shop, Chinese and Western Restaurants are available. The hotel also provides chess/card room, karaoke club, beauty salon, business center and meeting room for guests’ comfortable stay. With the hotel in prime location in the busy area, guests can also walk to the Yanjiang Road Bar Street and Shamian Island for greater enjoyment. Book hotels here:

Canton Fair shows are a great way to meet manufacturers

The Chinese Import & Export and Commodities Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, is held twice a year in Spring and Autumn. It is China’s largest trade Fair of the highest level, of the most complete varieties and of the largest attendance and business turnover. Preserving its traditions, the Fair is a comprehensive and multi-functional event of international importance.

1957, the first China Canton Fair began at the spring. Only 13 trading delegations from 19 countries (or region) were represented in this Canton Fair, and over ten thousand products were exhibited there. The major buyers were from Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore.
Trade shows are a great way to meet manufacturers, touch and feel their products first hand, and place orders on the spot. Traveling to trade shows is a significant investment, but you can deduct the cost of your trip from the business. Trade shows are excellent for networking and learning from others in your industry.
At the Canton Fair, we help our attendants all along the way to make their visit as easy as possible, including assistance with visa registration, help setting up meetings beforehand, finding accommodation and even entertainment. Business travel can be a chore, but we are always trying to find new ways to make your visit to China easy and enjoyable, while letting you get back home to your loved ones as soon as possible.

Panyu artificial lake is one of the famous scenic spots in Guangzhou

Panyu artificial lake (Bao Mo Yuan) located in the Guangzhou Panyu Shawan Town, Zini Village, the first built in the end, covering mu, was destroyed in 1995 in the 1950s reconstruction, which lasted 6 contains expanded to more than 100 acres, is a set of Qing culture, Lingnan ancient architecture, Lingnan garden art, the Pearl River Delta Water Village in one of the gardening art park.

Bao Mo Yuan, The Artificial Lake, also known as Bao Mo Garden, was built at the end of the Qing Dynasty. It was rebuilt in 1995 and expanded the area up to 130 acres. It took five years to finish renovating Bao Mo Garden. Welcome Panyu artificial lake when you participate in Canton Fair 2013 .
Bao Mo Yuan is one of the famous scenic spots in Panyu Shawan Ancient Town. The Lingnan style architectural buildings, gardens, streams and rivers with beautiful landscape draw tens of thousands visitors each year to visit this place.

The Panyu artificial lake, green, water features can be described as an absolute. Lai King Bay, clear Pinghu, Po Mukho and one thousand meters long river through encircle endless clear water as a mirror, trickle, while over 30 stone bridges across the majestic rivers and lakes above. driving boats and boat, as if being in the Penglai into the lake , Qing Lan Lan, water around the lake, pine invasion smoke Koi thousands of red surge, Yang Liu Yiyi arouses pity. In addition, the Zizhu Creek in the Zizhu, also designed for children play in the water Immersió more children paradise of the artificial lake landscape: treasure Mexican Church, cure Hall, the Pavilion of a pure heart, purple dong fang, Yang Lian bridge, Lung Museum, thousands of like corridors, etc. These landscapes are embedded in the Millennium Podocarpus paniculata ginkgo tree, Tangchun trees, in particular, is full of vigor, people feel comfortable.

Site of the Whampoa Military Academy

Situated on Changzhou Island (cháng zhōu dǎo 长洲岛) offshore from the Whampoa District (huáng pǔ qū 黄浦区) in Guangzhou (guǎng zhōu 广州), the historical site of Whampoa Military Academy (huáng pǔ jūn xiào 黄埔军校) has attracted many tourists from home and abroad in recent years. It was founded by Dr. Sun Yat-sen (sūn zhōng shān 孙中山), with the support of the Communist Party of China and former Soviet Union on the 16th June, 1924, during the first cooperation between the Kuomintang (guó mín dǎng 国民党) and the Communist Party of China (zhōng guó gòng chǎn dǎng 中国共产党). Welcome to the Whampoa Military Academy when you participate in Canton Fair 2013 .241
Originally, it was named as the Army Officers School (jūn guān xué xiào 军官学校). During the Northern Expedition (běi fá 北伐), Chiang Kai-shek (jiǎng jiè shí 蒋介石) broke with the Communist Party of China, and the academy was moved to the newly established capital in Nanjing after the defeat of the warlords in 1928. The academy moved again to Chengdu during the anti-Japanese War. In January 1988, the site of the Whampoa Militray Academy was included on the Anti-Japanese War Memorial Halllist of the key historical monuments under state protection.
The military academy was officially opened on May 1, 1924 under the Kuomintang (KMT), but the first lessons began on June 16, 1924. The inauguration was on Changzhou Island offshore from the Whampoa (Huangpu) dock in Guangzhou, thus earning its name. During the inaugural ceremonies, Sun Yat-sen delivered a speech that was later to become the lyrics of the national anthem of the Republic of China.

In the Whampoa Military Academy there is the Former Residence of Sun Yet-sen (孙中山故居), Students’ Club (学生俱乐部), and Martyrs Cemetery (烈士陵园). On the top of the Bagua Hill (bā guà shān 八卦山), there stands the Monument of Sun Yet-sen (孙中山纪念碑), on the top of which there is a bronze statue of him.

Why the Canton Fair is the ideal platform

Also known as the Canton Fair, the twice-yearly event has been growing steadily since it first began in 1957 and has thrived with support by China’s Ministry of Commerce. In the decades since, China has emerged as a top tourist destination and a key component in the global trade engine, underlying the importance of the show to a vast number of industries.
The Canton Fair is the ideal platform because it offers various tools needed by employers to reach agreements, joint ventures, licensing agreements signed and many other negotiations, which are an eternal part of the property companies.

The event will take place over 3 5-day phases at Guangzhou’s huge Pazhou Complex: April 15-19, April 23-27, and May 1-5. The previous session boasted 58,714 standard booths from 24,213 exhibitors and enjoyed a turnover of more than US$37.9 billion. But the Canton Fair is only a small part of what visitors can expect to see.
The huge city of Guangzhou is itself an attraction worth visiting. It’s a hub of tourism, real estate, education, finance, and politics on the southern mainland and a vibrant example of 21st century China.

Guangzhou is known to be blessed with ecstasy for food lovers and shopaholics. There are many restaurants that provide traditional Guangzhou dishes. These mouthwatering delicacies are worth tasting as they are not a pinch to the pocket. Be it for pleasure or business, one can relax in this city as accommodation is comfortable and affordable.
It’s the perfect opportunity to mix business with pleasure, as visitors can explore Guangzhou’s many cultural attractions, historic architecture, fabulous shopping, and, of course, authentic Cantonese cuisine.

Tips for Going to Canton Fair 2013

The Canton Fair is an opportunity for Chinese suppliers and manufacturers to meet with international businesses looking to expand and grow their business cooperatively with Chinese partners. The Canton Fair is China’s oldest and largest trade fair and as such traditionally commands the respect and attendance of both Chinese and International businesses of the highest calibre. 170
Tips for Going to Canton Fair 2013 :
1. Go in with the right mindset. I put this first because it’s in many ways the most important. China has a very different culture to Australia. Expect to be surprised by the cultural etiquette, cuisine, and ways of doing business. Be prepared to be as open-minded as you possibly can, so you won’t be puzzled by the many unfamiliarity’s of Chinese culture, and be able to have the best time at the fair.
2. Ask questions. Depending on who you’re talking to, and your approach and demeanour, you can gain a lot of useful information by asking very direct questions. Some recommended examples: “What are the most popular products?”, “Do you have any clients in Australia? Who?”, “Who’s your biggest client?”, “How many containers do they order?”. And don’t be afraid to ask for exclusivity on a certain product or range.

3. Bring LOTS of business cards. I’m talking at least 300 copies. This is because many suppliers will not give you a copy of their catalogue (or will be reluctant to) if you do not provide a card. But give cards only to those suppliers you are genuinely interested in doing business with, or you will be added to email databases you don’t want to be on. Spam alert!

4. Go direct to the manufacturers. There are many stands at the fair which are from trading companies, not manufacturing companies. Dealing directly with the manufacturers will get you a better price. Having a local Chinese contact can help connect you with local manufacturers to get the best deal possible.
5. Organise your brochures. You’ll be collecting hundreds of brochures and catalogues, so make sure you have some sort of reference system for them. For example, I drew a star on the front page of brochures from suppliers I wanted to meet again, and folded the corners on pages with the particular products we spoke about.

Zhenhai Tower is one of the landmark buildings of Guangzhou

Zhenhai Tower is one of the landmark buildings of Guangzhou and serves as a National Cultural Relic Protection Unit. The tower is 25 meters high and oblong in shape. The walls of the first two floors were made of red sandstone but the others were made of brick. Over the years, Zhenhai Tower has been destroyed and rebuilt five times. The existing tower was reconstructed based on one with a timber frame which stood in 1928. In 1929, Zhenhai Tower was turned into Guangzhou Municipal Museum. In 1950, it was renamed Guangzhou Museum. It displays the records of the development of Guangzhou throughout the past 2,000 years sorted according to dynasty. Welcome to Guangdong Museum when you participate in Canton Fair 2013 .

The tower is also named as Guangzhou Museum which shows the changing and development of Guangzhou’s culture, customs and the city itself through the display of ten thousand cultural relics, pictures and historical data of Guangzhou. On its west seats a stele corridor which shows the stele carvings of the past dynasties of China and 12 Ancient Cannons. If you want to have a deep understanding of the city’s culture and history, Zhenhai tower is a must see attraction.
Zhenhai Tower, namely Wanghai Tower, was named Wangjiang Tower before. The name was changed into current o­ne due to the wide channel of the Zhuhai River. And it is also called the Five Storey Pagoda because it has five floors all together. There are steles of different dynasties standing along the corridor in front of the tower and 12 ancient cannons for exhibition o­n the right.

Guangdong Museum is new public museum in Guangzhou

Guangdong Museum is new public museum in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, China. It is located in Zhujiang New Town of Guangzhou. Welcome to Guangdong Museum when you participate in Canton Fair 2013.
Guangdong museum is situated by the northern banks of the Pearl River in the centre of Tianhe District, the Central Business District of Guangzhou.The museum has recently completed construction in 2010. The museum opened on May 18, 2010 to the public.

The new building of Guangdong Provincial Museum was launched on The International Museum Day, May 18, 2010 at Zhujiang New Town and can be easily accessed by subway. The new museum is located in the neighborhood of Guangzhou Opera House and Guangzhou Library. The museum building is named as “Treasure Box Of Moonlight” with contemporary architecture design.

The Guangdong Museum is one of four major cultural landmark buildings for the new financial hub in Zhujiang Xincheng (Pearl River New Town) of Guangzhou. Rocco Design Architects Ltd. was announced winner of an international invited competition in May 2004 and was subsequently appointed as design architect of the project. The five-storey museum has a total floor area of approximately 67,000 square metres.

The Canton Fair has been held in the Pazhou complex since 2008

The Canton Fair has become the most comprehensive trade event in China since its inception in 1957 and the recent move to the larger Pazhou Complex should help with its ever-increasing expansion. Held twice per year (Spring and Autumn) in Guanzhou, China’s “Flower City”, the fair has the largest scale, the widest variety of exhibits (nearly 20,000) and the most business turnover from nearly 200,000 buyers and expects even higher figures every year. Instead of the traditional two phases, this year’s edition will be broken into three. Industries are scheduled to present in their respective phases, with each phase running for 5 days from October 15th to November 6th.

The Canton Fair has been held in the Pazhou complex since 2008. Thus living near the Pazhou complex will save you a lot of time on commuting between your hotels and the Fair. But since Pazhou is in the suburb of Guangzhou, you will have to take a long drive to the downtown.
The Pazhou Complex was opened in 2002 and it is located in Pazhou island, the southern part of Guangzhou. It is now one of the venues for the China Export Commodities Fair (or “Canton Fair”). The Pazhou Complex has 16 indoor exhibition halls on the first and the second floors and can be cover up to 10,200 exhibition spaces. It has an indoor exhibition area of 160,000 sqm and an outdoor exhibition area of 22,000sqm.

Pazhou Complex – built specifically for the Canton Fair – is one of the world’s leading expo sites and the largest of its kind in Asia. Located on Pazhou Island, it covers a massive 700,000 square meters and features 16 exhibition halls. Its curved metallic exterior reflects the flow of the nearby Pearl River and the surrounding parks and gardens provide a relaxing environment for expo attendees between appointments.

Canton Fair has become a microcosm of China’s growth in international trade

Chinese Export Commodities Fair also known as Canton Fair is held twice a year in Guangzhou during spring and autumn, with a history of 55 years since 1957 and co-organized by the China Foreign Trade Centre and the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province. Canton Fair is the biggest fair in China and now in the world with the assortment of products, number of attendance and the number of deals made. Canton Fair has become a microcosm of China’s growth in international trade. Because of its long history, the fair is becoming increasingly sophisticated in its execution and comprehensive in its scope as the government-sponsored organization is committed to continuously adapting its functions to take advantage of the status of China in international trade as well as to promote and further its development.

221  The Canton Fair is a biannual event, held in April and October every year.
The Canton Fair is divided into three phases, each lasting for five days. Each phase has two sessions, one in April or May and the second in October or November.  More than sixteen broad product categories are on exhibit, and the Fair is held in three Phases, covering industrial and consumer products.Different products are showcased in different phases. Commodities include consumer as well as industry related products including electronics, household electrical appliances, chemical products, lighting, vehicles, spare parts, home decor, medicine and medicinal products, food and native produce, office supply, clothing, gifts and miscellaneous consumer goods, to name a few.

With a history of 56 years since the spring of 1957, China Import and Export Fair is now the largest trade faire in china with the assortment of products, the attendance, number of business deals that other trade fairs cannot compare with. It is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and fall. Business people from all over the world are gathering in Guangzhou, exchanging business information and developing friendship.
Global buyers in Canton Fair can find the best quality samples ever, but that doesn’t always guarantee the same high quality in the mass production. Regularly there are stories of bad quality products reaching their destination with little resemblance to the approved samples, or the first shipment arriving close to the original samples followed by the next two boxes of junk. Nowadays many experienced global buyers would rather pay a site trip to the local Chinese factories for a closer look at the in-house production lines and quality control systems.

Night cruises on the Pearl River are more attractive

Compared with daytime cruises on the Pearl River, night cruises are more attractive. The sparkling lights on both banks of the river and the moon reflecting on its waters create a magical atmosphere. It starts from the White Goose Pool and end at either the Guangzhou Bridge in the east or the Baihedong (White Crane Cave) in the south.

488  Book Canton Fair Hotel Package in or, get FREE ticket for Pearl River Night Cruise
Along the Pearl River, the views are magnificent. You can appreciate numerous historical sites and unique architectures, which are well reflecting of the history and culture of Guangzhou city. With sparkling lights on both banks of the river, modern buildings and several old bridges reflect themselves on the water surface, Pearl River Cruise creates a romantic atmosphere and leaves unforgetable impression to every visitor.

During the two hour cruise every visitor will be entranced by the beauty of the river and sights such as the White Goose Pool, Zhuhai Square, Aiqun Mansion, the Guangzhou Hotel and the European architecture of Shamian Island buildings. The ship also passes under ten famous bridges including Renmin Bridge, Haizhu Bridge, Guangzhou Bridge, and Jiefang Bridge.
As the third largest river in China, the Pearl River measures 2,129 meters in length, with its name deriving from the Haizhu Rock (Sea Pearl Rock). When the thousand-meter long Pearl River went through Guangzhou City, a huge rock island in the center of the river was scoured time and again and became smooth and bright like a pearl, called ‘Sea Pearl Rock’, hence the name ‘Pearl River’ for the river with this rock.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is a famous commemorative structure of Chinese revolution

As a famous commemorative structure of Chinese revolution built in 1931, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was designed by the well-known architect of modern China Lu Yanzhi, who was also The Designer of Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing. The building complex is composed of the arch over the gateway, the auditorium and the stoteyed buildings on its eastside and westside. The auditorium is octagonal in the shape of the palace hall.

482  The hall, a grand octagon building of typical Chinese architectural style, looks brand new because of reconstruction in 1998. The masterpiece of architecture history is created with a span of 71 meters (about 78 yards) without a pillar but significant outlooks and delicate interior designs. As an important place for conferences and performances, it can hold thousands of people with sound equipment. In the hall there is also a display gallery showing pictures and letters of Sun Yat-sen.
The oldest ceiba in Guangzhou City grows in the hall, like a centuries-old man, witnessing great changes of this city; besides, you can also have a chance to see the two biggest white jade orchid trees of Guangzhou. Welcome to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall when you participate in Canton fair 2013 .
A bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen was set up in 1956 in front of the memorial hall. Stepping on the monument by a steel spiral staircase, you are presented with a panoramic view of the memorial hall.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall will refresh you after visiting the bustling commercial metropolis and provide you with a moment to touch this great man in Chinese history.
With big vermilion pillars, yellow bricks and sapphire-blue glazed tiles, the complex looks splendid and magnificent. There are 4,700seats in the spacious auditorium, with is beamless and produces no echo. the interior is decorated with paintings and patterns of strong national features. In front of it there stands the statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.