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Guilin Weather and Climate


Guilin Weather and Climate Information

Guilin has a subtropical monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons. The climate in Guilin is characterized by heavy humidity. Summer in Guilin is humid and hot, while winter is cold and damp. Spring and autumn are short and warm. Rainfall happens all year round, though early summer is the rainy season, with May and June being the wettest months with about 350mm (14 in) each. November to March is relatively dry with about 50mm (2 in) per month. Snow is rare. The annual precipitation is 1926mm (80 inches).

The yearly average temperature is 19 °C (66 °F). The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 8 °C (46 °F), and the hottest month is July with an average temperature of 28 °C (82 °F). Though Guilin is suitable for traveling all year round, and the Li River has its beauty in all four seasons, the most popular travelling time is from April till October. Have a look at our Guilin Tour Packages and choose your time of travel.

Spring is from March to May, with frequent and sharp intervals of temperature changes. Spring is characterized with heavy humidity. It is generally warm with some rain, building up towards May, one of the wettest months. On rainy days, the rivers, pinnacles and the city itself are shrouded in mist, which is especially enchanting.

Summer is from June to August, usually hot and humid, but the beauty to be found outdoors is quite adequate compensation. The average temperature of summer is about 30 °C (86 °F). June is similar to May, but hot rather than warm in between the rain. There are occasional downpours in July and August.

Umbrella, sunglasses and sun screen are recommended. Wear summer clothes, such as shorts, T-shirts and skirts. Summer is considered peak season, when hotels typically raise their rates and more tourists fill the scenic spots.

Inside Reed Flute Cave, which is a fascinating gallery of natural limestone formations, there is pleasant cool away from the outdoor summer heat. A leisurely stroll at Seven Star Park to see the giant pandas is also very relaxing. Riding a bike in the Yangshuo countryside or hiking along the Li River are also ideal activities for the summer.

Autumn is from September to November, and is beautiful as the weather cools. The paddies of the Longji Rice Terraces are wonderfully golden in the harvest season at the end of September or beginning of October. In the mountains there is a big difference in temperature between day and night.

Winter is from December to February. It rarely snows in Guilin, though it feels very cold with the dampness, especially in January. There are sharp rises and falls of temperature within a few days. It can still be very pleasant when the sun is out. Low temperatures can approach zero (32 °F), but on warm days the thermometer can reach the high teens (60+ °F). Prepare down jackets, thick jeans, sweaters, scarves and umbrella. Locals wear thermal underwear all winter as there is no heating in most places. Winter is the low season, so Guilin is less crowded and it is cheaper to travel. The Chinese New Year usually falls in late January or early February. Streets of the city will be colorfully decorated for the event.