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The Pazhou exhibition halls will be used alternately during the whole Canton fair

Canton Fair 2013 is the 113rd session of the China Import and Export Fair. The Canton Fair is China’s largest trade fair, a fair of the highest level, and of the most complete varieties will be held in Guangzhou on April 15 to May 5, 2013 in a larger scale. It is held twice per year in the spring and fall. The Pazhou exhibition halls will be used alternately during the whole fair. According to AUMA’s statistical standards, the CECF as a biannual event now ranks the world’s No.1 in terms of scale.

The growth of international trade visitors and buyers at the Canton Fair is China’s trade is now on the map of international trade, which increases to export sales. This gives them the opportunity to make changes and improvements to their products, allowing them to reach world-class distinction. The show also allows people to trade in China involved in learning about product development, as is done abroad and how they implement their own projects and product development.
Despite the general downturn in the global economy, the Canton Fair, with its 56-year history, remains a highly profitable and prestigious event. Generating an unrivalled volume of business transactions and boasting a vast exhibition area of more than 1 million square meters, it is widely regarded as the best gateway into the Chinese market.
Getting to Guangzhou can be a challenge, especially during the Canton Fair. Many international airline companies provide dozens of flights into Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong, but they only offer fairly a few direct flights to Guangzhou.

The Canton Fair is so named Simply because Guangzhou was Typeerly called Canton

The Canton Fair is so named Simply because Guangzhou was Typeerly called Canton and now boasts nine million residents. Guangzhou is an important trading port and was once the start of China’s Marine Silk Road, Therefore the city became a link between China and other world cultures. Guangzhou Awayers comfortable weather year round, autumn runs from October through December with cool evenings and Cozy fall days to enjoy the Canton Fair. 192
“The Canton Fair’s expanding imports Area will have a Leading impact on China’s imports sector overall,” commented China’s Commerce Minister Chen Deming, as he inspected the event. “Ongoing success in this area is integral to balancing China’s bilateral trade.” More information about Canton fair 2013 hotels in

Fifty Trading Delegations, being composed of thousands of China’s Finest foreign trade Companies (enterprises) with good credibility and sound Monetary Abilities, take pFine art in the Fair.The Fair focus on export trade,In addition to,Financial and technical cooperation and exchanges, commodity inspections, insurance, Transport, advertising, consulting and a host of others, are also Performed here in negotiable and flexible Conditions. The Executive Director of the Philippine International Trade Exhibition and delegation Center (CITEM) Rosvi Gaetos April this year for the first time.

Heavenly Lake create a truly breath-taking view

Heavenly Lake is nestled high in the Tianshan Mountains, 115 kilometers (71 miles) west of Urumqi in Xinjiang, China. The area is one of the few unspoiled places in China. The crystal water reflects the snow-topped peaks, fluffy white clouds, and blue sky. This combined with the lush spruce forest covered shores create a truly breath-taking view.


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A local legend says that the Heavenly Empress would hold a gala at this lake whenever a local peach tree bore fruit. As this only happened about once every 3000 years, the banquets were understandably grand affairs. All the mortals would gather for such a long-awaited occasion, making the lake area into something of a Little Heaven, hence the name, Heavenly Lake.
The number of tourists to the Heavenly Lake is on the constant increase. The Heavenly Lake is an alpine drift lake shaped in the Quaternary Glacie period,and was listed by the State as one of the key scenic spots in 1982 Besides,it is an AAAA Grade scenic spots. Generally,there are eight famous attraction spots,a few cultural relics and eye catching mountains standing in the Heaven Lake.

This giant bowl of sapphire water is surrounded by mountains with majestic snow-crowned peaks reflecting on the lake, making the beauties of the lake and mountains an integral whole. Mountainsides are covered by green and luxuriant pines and cypresses extending as far as the eye can see. The open spaces between trees are embellished by rainbows of flowers, dotted with white yurts, and roamed by flocks of sheep that look like clouds floating past. This picturesque scene on a day after a rain is especially enchanting. In summer, the beautiful lake is an ideal cool resort. Boaters on the lake see the ever-changing silvery mountains soaring into the blue sky, their slopes highlighted with verdant pasture and flamboyant wild flowers. Fishing at dusk has its own special charm. A day in this fairyland promises restoration. In winter the beautiful lake is an ideal ski rink.

There are numerous rocks and small islands act as decorations of Ranwu Lake

Ran Wuhu, along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway to the wooden bar not far from town line, which means “with the body packing of the Lake”, the legendary head of buffalo lake, Lake head of cattle there, they struggle against each other, into the mountains after death The two-phase Hill Ran Wuhu is the folder. The lake is a typical orogeny formed by the side of the lake stop, in hi Mara Hill, nyainqentanglha Hill and Hill’s cross hit on the Department. Ran Wuhu static and is known of the blue, the lake rarely see litter all sorts of things, Lake view week varies. Ran Wuhu color is very rich in grassland, forests, autumn leaves, and white water birds and shore of Lake shoal of colorful pebbles, fresh as reflected mirror.

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Nestled in the Village of Ran around the southwest corner of Baxoi of Chamdo prefecture, 90km from the Baima Town(neighboring the Nyingchi Prefecture), Ranwu, also Ranwok, is a tiny town known for the crystal-clear and tranquil Ranwu Lake, the largest in southeast of Tibet.
The Ranwu lake, 3,800m above the sea level, has a water area of 22sqkm. The 2 main parts of turquoise water linked by a small stream. It is the main supply of Palong Tsangpo, a branch of The Yarlong Tsangpo River.Ranwu Lake,Chamdo,Tibet.
Ranwu Lake is surrounded by mountains covered with snow. These mountains supply water for Ranwu Lake. The lake has been an important source of Parlung Zangbo River – an important tributary of Yarlung Zangbo River.

There is a large meadow on the lakeshore of Ranwu Lake. It forms an amazing natural picture with the clean water and the snow-capped mountains. The lake stretches more than 10 kilometers toward the west and shrinks into a narrow river valley. The color of the water changes with the season and presents different landscapes. There are numerous rocks and small islands act as decorations of Ranwu Lake. Tourists would feel like in a dreamlike spot and would be slaves of the beautiful landscapes.

Canton Fair is one of the largest import-export trade fair events in China

Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) is one of the largest import-export trade fair events in China. The show enjoys a high degree of popularity among visitors and exhibitors alike and draws in more than 207103 foreign participants as well, lending the event a true global favor. Over 24415 professional exhibitors attend the show at each of its editions, showcasing a wide array of products, including electrical appliances, machines, apparel, textiles, and home decoration and lighting solutions. Participants at the show hail from more than 200 different countries and business transactions of over 36800 million USD value are executed at the fair. The show has separate national and international pavilion sections and the unique trade matching system of the fair ensures that well-targeted buyers attend the show on a regular basis. The show is also attended by more than 48 eminent trade delegations as well.

Guangzhou is a civilized ancient city with a history of more than 2200 years, the same age as the ancient city of Rome in Italy. It was also the earliest trade port in China that opened to the world and was the starting port of the “silk road” on the sea since the Han and Tang Dynasties. The city is now the capital of Guangdong province, you can see there ultra-modern hotels and office blocks rub shoulders with traditional temples, wet markets and historic buildings.
The Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China. It has the largest assortment of products, the largest attendance, and plays host to a huge number of business deals. As China is the largest producer of heavy equipment, machinery, consumer goods and hundreds of other items therefore Canton Fair China is organized in 3 phases each season as distributing in phases saves time for foreign buyers, every phase provides a complete package of 4 days business & trade networking among international visitors & China exhibitors.

The Terracotta Army is called one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century

Travel is about finding and experiencing the best that each country has to offer”. “Viewing the Terracotta Warriors in Xian is one of China’s most fascinating experiences and the author after having visited the site was inspired to research the history of the site. His results reveal that much research that has going on over the past ten years. Much of this is unpublished”.

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The Terracotta Army is called one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century and to be honest, it is one very impressive piece of ancient history. The Chinese for Terracotta Army is bing ma yong which means soldier horse funeral statues. Tell your Chinese friends and travel companions you’ve been to see the bing ma yong and they will be impressed.
Terracotta, the first creative expression of civilization, man’s first attempt at craftsmanship. Terracotta, a form of art that is considered magical in ancient India for its atavistic nature which incorporates five elements – earth, water, air, fire and ether.

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If you want to immerse yourself in another culture during your holiday, destinations such as China and India are perfect choices. China is a magical country, rich in culture and history – visit Shanghai to see a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity, head to Beijing to take a tour of the Forbidden City, walk along the Great Wall of China or see the world-famous Terracotta Warriors. In India, you can visit the Taj Mahal, see the terracotta temples of Vishnupur, or visit the museums and galleries of Mumbai on a luxury holiday to remember.

Mount Lushan is one of the spiritual centers of Chinese civilization

As described by World Heritage Committee, “Mount Lushan, in Jiangxi, is one of the spiritual centers of Chinese civilization. Buddhist and Taoist temples, along with landmarks of Confucianism, where the most eminent masters taught, blend effortlessly into a strikingly beautiful landscape which has inspired countless artists who developed the aesthetic approach to nature found in Chinese culture.”

There are many attractions on the mountain, such as Xiaotian Pool, Wangjiang Pavilion, Tian Bridge, Hua Path, Datian Pool, Longshou Cliff, Xianren Cave, Sanbao Tree, and Hanpo Pass. At the foot of the mountain are historical sites, such as Guanyin Bridge in the Song Dynasty, Bailudong Academy, and Donglin Temple in the Jin Dynasty.
Mountain Lushan is reputed as “being dreamlike in spring, verdant in summer, intoxicating in autumn, and dazzling white in winter” with its elegant and beautiful. Its scenery is the most beautiful in summer and winter, and it is an ideal summer resort for people in midsummer.

Mountain Lushan is a cultural mountain with a long histoty for 2,000 years. More than 1,500 historical figures have been to Mountain Lushan, leaving 4,000 poems, a large number of articles and travelogues, about 900 cliff inscriptions and more than 300 pieces of stone inscriptions. Bailudong College of Mountain Lushan takes the first place in the four colleges of ancient China. Mountain Lushan is the center of Buddhism and Taoism in ancient times in the south. Donglin Temple is the Buddlism place of the Pure Land, having a major impact on the sinicizion and socialization of Buddhism. Mountain Lushan has modern and international villa community, keeping about 600 different styles of villas from 20 countries so far. In 1930s, Mountain Lushan became the “Summer Capital” of the national government, after the founding of the people’s Republic of China , the CPC central committee held three meetings in Mountain Lushan, which had a major impact on China’s development.

The modern villas are quite a sight on Lushan Mountain. Each villa is an individual building complex with unique style and structure, including styles of Rome- and Gothic- churches, Japanese building and Islamic Mosque. The architects tended to build the villas in shady places, and pursued a natural and casual style. It is this style that enables the villas to be well integrated with the natural scenery. The modern villas on Lushan Mountain, mostly one or two-storeyed, though in clusters, are less densely located and decorated with trees all around, which is a pleasing picture to the eye. The villa complex is simple and natural in style. Each is like a distinctive geometric figure. You could hardly find two villas that resemble each other.

Nyingchi has humid climate and beautiful scenery

Nyingchi Located on the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, Nyingchi is 3,000 meters above sea level. It has humid climate and beautiful scenery, so it also named “the Switzerland of Tibet”. The inhabitants here are mainly the Moinbas and the Lhobas. Nyingchi is attractive with the Namjagbarwa, the Great Gorge of the Yarlung Zangbo River, Basumco, Zayu, and Bome.

The area enjoys exceptional advantages in human and natural resources. The Nyingchi residents are striving to build the area into an international forest park at the world’s “third pole,” where people can travel, climb mountains and cliffs, explore, drift along rivers and conduct scientific investigations. The distinctive folklore, music, songs, dances and athletic competitions of this area also add color to the beautiful scenery. There are 8 scenic zones and 35 scenic spots in the Nyingchi area. Among them the Yarlung Zangbo Great Canyon with a spectacular U-turn might be the most famous. More information about China Tour in

With its upper reaches formed by Yangwogou, Jiaxingou and Bujiagou, Niangpugou lies 50 kilometers west of Gongbu Jiangda County and represents one branch of Nyang River.
There is one Karst cave at the end of Bujiagou and three hot springs at 4200 meters above sea level: the upper is Nun Hot Spring, the middle is Lama Hot Spring and the lower Buru Hot Spring. Lots of old trees surround these hot springs, which together with the numerous caves and brooks compose a grand symphony.
The northwest Yangwogou is well-known for its strange stones and perilous peaks. At the bottom of the mountain, Baga Temple (or Baiyanshan Temple) has existed since its construction during the period of the 5th Dalai Lama. The natural cave is decorated with numerous paintings of Buddha.
There is a Karst fountain at the bottom of Baga Temple which spews consistently six times every day all round the year.

Canton Fair is one of the biggest trade show in the world

Canton Fair is the biggest trade show in China and one of the biggest in the world. The fair draws crowds from all around the world eager to pick up the latest and cheapest new product from China’s industrious manufacturers. There is no single Canton Fair. Instead, there is a Spring and Autumn session, with each session directed at different industries and lasting around two weeks. International visitors to the fair have swelled in significant number over the past decade and organizing a visit takes careful preparation. Start your journey below.

Canton faIR
The import exhibition in the international pavilion had strong backing from the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, the Department of North American and Oceania Affairs of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Department of Asian Affairs of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products.
The Canton Fair runs for 15 days, from October 15th to November 4th, and is presented in phases for respective industries. Phase 1, featuring electronics, appliances and building materials, runs from October 15th through the 19th. Phase 2, showcasing consumer goods, gifts and decorations, runs from October 23rd through 27th, while Phase 3 featuring textiles, medical and recreational products, closes-out the fair from October 31st through November 4th.
The import exhibition in the international pavilion had strong backing from the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, the Department of North American and Oceania Affairs of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Department of Asian Affairs of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products.

The Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival

  The Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival has been celebrated annually since 1985, which officially starts January 5 and lasts one month. As the largest and most extraordinary of its kind in the world, this great festival is held to coincide with the Harbin Ice and Snow World, Exhibition of Ice Sculptures held in the Stalin Park, the Snow Sculptures Fair in the Sun Island and the Ice Lanterns Fair held in Zhaolin Park (in central Harbin next to the Songhua River).

  Harbin is the home of the Ice Lantern Art. Started in 1963, it has been successfully held many times in Zhaolin Park in Harbin. This ice lantern art fair is now the biggest and oldest one of its kind, and the largest outdoor ice lantern art fair with the classic traditional programs. It has been sung high praises by many Chinese state leaders and created 7 Guinness World Records in these years. More information about China Tour in 
  The materials of the lantern making are from the ice in the Songhua River, water and colored lights. Piling, building, laying, sculpting, spraying, watering, setting the ice according to different themes and overall arrangements in the park, the artists from all over the world will display you myriad fantastic lanterns before you! Ice building, ice sculptures, ice waterfalls, ice parterres, ice sliding boards, ice calligraphy, ice miniature gardens, ice ad, ice flowers, ice mountains… form a wonder garden here, wherever you move, what come into your sight is the diverse beautiful lanterns.

Canton Fair is China’s largest trade fair with a complete product range of Chinese Commodities

  Canton Fair is China’s largest trade fair with a complete product range of Chinese Commodities. It is divided into three phases, with the first phase focusing on Machinery, Electrical and Electronic products, the second phase focusing on Home and Decoration, while the third phase focusing on textiles, garments and fashion accessories.
  Co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Guangdong province, the Canton Fair attracts business from across the globe to China’s oldest international trade fair.
  The competitive price of goods available through the Canton Fair is clearly a major draw for many African importers. One Nigerian businesswoman, in Guangzhou to purchase window frames and rainwear, said the 112th Canton Fair was the fourth consecutive event she had attended. “Chinese goods are of ideal price and good quality,” she asserted, having exhaustively surveyed exhibitors’ prices.

  In addition to business opportunities, the multitudes of sellers and buyers at the fair, officially known as China Import and Export Fair, are watching closely the latest developments in the yuan exchange rate dispute.
  The year 2009 was a year when the world financial crisis kept spreading. The Chinese government made the resolute decision and took timely measures to implement a package plan aimed at maintaining steady and fast growth, and successfully achieved the goal of “sustaining economic growth, ensuring people’s well-being and maintaining stability”. The Canton Fair also managed to go forward steadily in this difficult time. During the 105th and 106th session the Canton Fair’s total export volume reached 56.7 billion USD, and its overseas buyers attending the fair had also gained a recovery increase.

The Reed Flute Cave is the largest and most impressive cave among Guilin’s caves

The Reed Flute Cave is located in the north-west of Guilin, about 5 kilometers from the city’s downtown area. The cave is famed for the odd-shaped Karst formations and became a tourist attraction to bring visitors into a kind of fairyland. The Cave is the largest and most impressive cave among Guilin’s caves, with its name originating from ancient times when reeds for making flutes and pipes were grown in the area; thus local people call it ‘Reed Flute Cave’.

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With a length of 240 meters, usually a trip to this cave will last about an hour. If you are interested in the Karst formations, it will take much longer for you to appreciate all of the uniquely shaped rocks and various-coloured stone pillars, given names like Mushroom Hill, Pines in the Snow, Sky-Scraping, Dragon Pagoda, Twin, Virgin Forests, and Red Curtain. Each of these rocks and pillars contain their own intruiging story. Moreover, there are also over 70 written ink inscription with histories of over 1200 years. These reveal that the cave has been an attraction since ancient times.
According to the geological research, the cave used to be an underground lake 600,000 years ago, and it gradually turned into the cave because of the rise of the mountain and decline of the water level. After the accumulation for millions of years, the spectacular scenery was formed.
As the largest and most impressive cave in Guilin, Reed Flute Cave is regarded as the Palace of Nature’s Art.Reed Flute Cave is famous for the marvelous spectacles formed by stalagmites, stalactites, stone columns, stone curtains and stone flowers. From the past to now, it attracts lots of famous people (including lots of presidents and officers) and all of them give high praise of the fantastic scenery. The cave is over 240 meters deep and 500 meters long. In the cave, under the function of different lighting facilities, those colorful and imposing stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains and stone flowers look more beautiful.