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Canton Fair Pazhou Complex

How to Get to the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex

Canton Fair Pazhou Complex

During the Canton Fair, public transportation will be the most available way to get to the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex. The most convenient way is by metro. Most Guangzhou hotels will offer a transfer service for their customers for free. The Canton Fair has officially set up free shuttle buses for overseas customers from Pazhou Complex to the city center.

By Metro

There are 8 Metro lines in Guangzhou. You can get directly to the Pazhou Complex by Metro Line 8. The fare ranges from 2 to 12 yuan. Most of the signs and announcements in metro stations are in English.

Guangzhou Metro

By Taxi

Taxies follow the principles of “marked prices”. The starting fare is 10 yuan (Including the fuel surcharge) for the first 2.3 kilometers, and it is 2.3 or 2.6 yuan every kilometer after that.

Tips:  1. Write down the address of where you want to go in Chinese and show to the driver.
2. The demand for taxi in Guangzhou is very high, particularly during peak hours: from 8am to 9am, at lunch and at dinner.

Guangzhou Taxi

By Hotel Bus

Most of the star-rated hotels will offer a transfer service directly from the hotel to the complex, but the timetables are very different for each hotel. Ask for the timetable in the hotel’s lobby when you check in.

Canton Fair Shuttle Bus

By Shuttle Bus

The Canton Fair officially offers free shuttle buses for overseas customers from Pazhou Complex to the city center. You can get the buses from the Shuttle Bus Station.

Line 1

Canton Fair to Huanshizhong Road (Garden Hotel)

Garden Hotel → Baiyun Hotel → Guangdong International Hotel → Holiday Inn City Center Guangzhou → Asia International Hotel → Ocean Hotel and Friendship Store

Line 2

Canton Fair to Dongfang Hotel

Dongfang Hotel → China Hotel → Parkview Square Hotel → Landsman Hotel → New Mainland Hotel → Overseas Chinese Hotel → Liuhua Hotel → Guangzhou Railway Station → Yuexiu Park Station of the Guangzhou Metro

Line 3

Canton Fair to Haizhu Plaza (Hotel Landmark Canton)

Haizhu Plaza → Hotel Landmark Canton → Guangzhou Hotel

Line 4

Canton Fair to Tianhe Terminal (CITIC Plaza)

CITIC Plaza → The Westin Guangzhou → Royal Garden Hotel → Grand Palace Hotel → Star Hotel → Guangzhou Tianhe East Railway Station → China Mayors Plaza → Grandview Mall → President Hotel → Teem Plaza

Source from Canton Fair Travel Guide

Pazhou Complex

How to Get to Guangzhou during Canton Fair

Pazhou Complex

Guangzhou is a major city in South China and easily accessible both from China and from overseas. You can get to Guangzhou during Canton Fair by air, train or bus. You can also get there from Hong Kong.

By Air

Flights of every part in China and some cities of other countries land at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, about half an hour driving from Canton fair Pazhou Complex.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

By Train

Jingguang (Beijing–Guangzhou) Railway and Jingjiu (Beijing – Hong Kong) Railway run through Guangzhou. There are direct trains every 15 to 30 minutes from Guangzhou to Shenzhen (duration of 1 hour), which you can take at both Guangzhou East Railway Station and Guangzhou Railway Station.

Guangzhou East Railway Station

How to get to Guangzhou from Hong Kong

Taking a train from Hong Kong would be a good choice. There are 12 trains between the two cities every day, and passengers can take the train to Guangzhou at Hung Hom Railway Station in Kowloon and arrive at Guangzhou East Railway Station. It takes about 1.5 hours. Passengers can buy tickets at both Hung Hom Station in Hong Kong, and in Guangzhou East Railway Station.

Hong Kong-Guangzhou Train Schedule

Train No.

Hung Hom

Guangzhou East Railway Station





































Statue of Nansha Aquatic Goddess in the Polo Birth parade.   Photo from

Polo Birth in Guangzhou

Taking part in local event or festival is a fool-proof way to grab fun in your vacation. Polo Birth is one of the best choices in your Guangzhou destination in the first half year.

Statue of Nansha Aquatic Goddess in the Polo Birth parade. Photo from

Polo Birth (波罗诞) is one of the most influential temple fairs in South China, and has more than a thousand years of history. The fair is held in February 11 – 13 at God of South China Sea Temple (南海神庙) in Huangpu, Guangzhou. Once a year worshippers flock to pray to the God of the South China Sea. It is said that in the Tang Dynasty an envoy from Polo, a small nation near India, came to Guangzhou. The envoy was so fascinated by the prosperity of the city that he missed his ship back home. After his death, Polo Temple was built in his honour. It marked the starting point of the “Maritime Silk Road” to the Indian Ocean in ancient China.

Tips: if you like to take part in local event or festival, do contact your guide or search as many information as possible in advance. There will be lots of people at that time, and you are likely to get lost by circling around without even find an entrance.

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Guangzhou Cantonese Opera

Guangzhou Cantonese Opera

When you dip your toe in Guangzhou, Cantonese Opera would be one of the best activities for you to understand the stunning Cantonese culture.

Guangzhou Cantonese Opera

Cantonese Operatic Songs is the purely singing version of Cantonese Opera, without costume or acting. Its history can be traced back to the middle 19th century, when “Shiniang”(blind female singers) sang and played the accompaniment themselves in restaurants, streets or by private invitation. They sang in “Operatic Mandarin,” and several became famous. In the early 20th Century, “Nuling” (女伶, sighted female singers) dominated the stage instead of the blind singers. They reformed the performance by adding a band and singing in Cantonese. Soon male singers joined the performances, and such entertainment became a regular feature in restaurants across Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

Tips: You will be more than a little fascinated by the local operas / shows if you come to get some general knowledge or background of the story before during your tour in China.

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Canton Tower (on the left-hand-side), the Tallest TV Tower in China, New Symbol of Guangzhou City. Chigang Pagoda (on the right-hand-side) was built on a red sandstone hill as a geomantic pagoda.

Guangzhou Landmarks

Visiting the landmarks can highlight your exploration in a city, while there are two landmarks you can include on your getaway when you are in Guangzhou.


Five Rams Stone Sculpture

Located in Yuexiu Park, Five Rams Stone Sculpture makes Guangzhou a nickname of Yangcheng (City of Goats). It has been the city symbol and landmark for years. It’s said that in a famine of Zhou Dynasty, five gods descended to the world by five goats which held dropping ears of rice in their mouth. The gods bestowed the people with ears of rice and blessed the city out of starvation forever. And those goats stayed in the city after the gods left and turned into stone as protectors.

Five Rams Stone Sculpture has become the emblem of Guangzhou

Canton Tower

Located in the center of Guangzhou city, Canton Tower, nicknamed Pretty Waist Lady, became a new symbol and landmark of Guangzhou as soon as it’s completed. It’s mainly used for sightseeing with four unique features. From the transverse Ferris wheel on the top by which one can have an overview of Guangzhou city, to the revolving restaurant that can hold 400 people for dinner, to the 4D cinema and gifts & souvenir shop, all of them are sitted on hundreds of meters high.

Canton Tower (on the left-hand-side), the Tallest TV Tower in China, New Symbol of Guangzhou City. Chigang Pagoda (on the right-hand-side) was built on a red sandstone hill as a geomantic pagoda.


No matter which one you prefer, it’s sure that you will have a different sense about Guangzhou after your visit.

Guangzhou Pearl River Skyline

Guangzhou: a Fantastic City in Southern China

Being the capital of Guangdong province, Guangzhou is a senior commercial city, the third metropolitan in mainland China and the stronghold of economy in Southern China. And it still plays an important role in the business area nowadays.


Guangzhou Sourcing Centres

As the host of China Import and Export Fair, Guangzhou is rich in sourcing centers in and nearby the city. For example, Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City, the largest one-stop footwear wholesale market; Baima Garment Market, fashionable wholesale center of middle and high-class garments; Zhonggang Toy Products Wholesale Center, a large-scale toy products wholesale plaza; and so on.

Guangzhou Cloth Market



Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale market is the largest market with the best decoration, matching the most complete and the best managed clothes market in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Fangcun Flower Market is the biggest flower market in Guangzhou which covers over 600,000 square meters and has put on sale 700,000 potted plants.


Guangzhou Diet

As the old saying “Eat in Guangzhou”, wealthy cuisines constitute a class of light Cantonese flavor and make Guangzhou’s name for gourmet’s heaven. As a matter of course, it’s the best choice for those who aren’t catered to the spicy food.

Cantonese Food and Dim Sum. Photo from internet.


Guangzhou Attractions

The wealthy attractions of Guangzhou also cope with its fame. There are varied places to fit different kinds travelers. If you are appealed by modern hotspots, Tianhe District, Canton Tower, Beijing Road and Pearl River Skyline will be in the favorable list. If you long for natural places, Yuexiu Park and Baiyun Mountain could be the best choice. If you yearn for historical and cultural experience, Chen Clan Academy, Liurong Temple, Zhenhai Tower and Cantonese Opera are recommended. If you come with your family, just dip your toe in Xiangjiang Safari Park and Chimelong Paradise. There are so many attractions, just go and explore out!!

Guangzhou Guangxiao Temple. With its typical magnificent architecture features, the academy is honored as the representation of Cantonese architectures and folk arts.

Guangzhou Pearl River Skyline