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115th Canton Fair Hotel Early Bird Deals

China Import and Export Fair, is also called “Canton Fair”. It is established since the spring of 1959. Canton Fair is held by Chinese Commerce Department of Guangzhou government in spring and autumn every year. Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trade fair which is long history, Top level, widest extent, most businessmen, with the most all-sided sorts of goods and the best effect of reaching a deal.
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115th Canton Fair Hotel Early Bird Deals

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Last Minute Great Hotel Deal For 113th Canton Fair

The 113th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is just around the corner. We HRC have hand-picked a selection of hotels with ideal locations and best room rates for our guests. You can enjoy your Canton Fair trip with our services and book following hotels with instant confirmation.

Royal Mediterranean Hotel Guangzhou

249 250

Hotel Deals!
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1. The room will be charged in CNY, and the exchange rate is subject to the floating rate.
2. Major credit cards are accepted.
3. Reservation is subject to room availability and final confirmation.
4. Your specific arrival information is appreciated so that we can make better arrangement for you accordingly.
5. Please kindly note that, in the case of booking without guarantee, room reservation can be only kept until 18:00 (GMT+8).
6. The above rates are not applicable during the period of China Import & Export Fair (Canton Fair), that is, 15th Apr. to 5th May & 15th Oct. to 4th Nov.
7. Please contact us as soon as possible in case of any amendment or cancellation.

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President Hotel Guangzhou  Hotel Deals!

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2013 Canton Fair Package (Save $97) From USD 440, incl. 3 nights, breakfasts & other benefits
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Newly renovated, President Hotel is a comfortable downtown hotel with super location with easy access to Pazhou Complex, airport and shopping centers: within 1 minute’s walk (30 meters) to the Metro Station and several large shopping centers within 3 minutes’ walking distance; about 15 minutes by car to the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex and 10 minutes to Guangzhou East Railway Station (Guangzhou-Kowloon Railway Station). And 40 minutes to Baiyun International Airport with the airport express having a stop at the hotel.
1. The room will be charged in CNY, and the exchange rate is subject to the floating rate.
2. All room reservation must be guaranteed or prepaid EXCEPT online instant confirmation booking
3. In the event of amendment or cancellation, a written notice is required to reach our office 15 working days prior arrival. Otherwise, one night room charge (including tax & service charges) of the above booking will be levied automatically under any circumstances.
4. In the event of no-show, one night room charge (including tax & service charges) will be levied under any circumstances, and the reservation will not be kept for the following days.
5. Free shuttle buses are provided between the Hotel and Canton Fair.
6. Reservations are subject to room availability and final confirmation EXCEPT online instant confirmation booking.

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Canton Fair has become a microcosm of China’s growth in international trade

Chinese Export Commodities Fair also known as Canton Fair is held twice a year in Guangzhou during spring and autumn, with a history of 55 years since 1957 and co-organized by the China Foreign Trade Centre and the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province. Canton Fair is the biggest fair in China and now in the world with the assortment of products, number of attendance and the number of deals made. Canton Fair has become a microcosm of China’s growth in international trade. Because of its long history, the fair is becoming increasingly sophisticated in its execution and comprehensive in its scope as the government-sponsored organization is committed to continuously adapting its functions to take advantage of the status of China in international trade as well as to promote and further its development.

221  The Canton Fair is a biannual event, held in April and October every year.
The Canton Fair is divided into three phases, each lasting for five days. Each phase has two sessions, one in April or May and the second in October or November.  More than sixteen broad product categories are on exhibit, and the Fair is held in three Phases, covering industrial and consumer products.Different products are showcased in different phases. Commodities include consumer as well as industry related products including electronics, household electrical appliances, chemical products, lighting, vehicles, spare parts, home decor, medicine and medicinal products, food and native produce, office supply, clothing, gifts and miscellaneous consumer goods, to name a few.

With a history of 56 years since the spring of 1957, China Import and Export Fair is now the largest trade faire in china with the assortment of products, the attendance, number of business deals that other trade fairs cannot compare with. It is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and fall. Business people from all over the world are gathering in Guangzhou, exchanging business information and developing friendship.
Global buyers in Canton Fair can find the best quality samples ever, but that doesn’t always guarantee the same high quality in the mass production. Regularly there are stories of bad quality products reaching their destination with little resemblance to the approved samples, or the first shipment arriving close to the original samples followed by the next two boxes of junk. Nowadays many experienced global buyers would rather pay a site trip to the local Chinese factories for a closer look at the in-house production lines and quality control systems.

Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention Exhibition Center has a strong intention to be the leader of the world

The biggest exhibition center  in Asia, Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention Exhibition Center has a strong intention to be the leader of the world. After achieving the third phase project in 2008 fall, it will surpass the scale of any other centers and become the largest in the world. The tremendous center has planned a special project to expand its transportation system. In its superb proposal, the center plans to increase the traffic area that will be the most densely distributed roads in China. Guangzhou international convention and exhibition center devotes to be the world leader in this industry. The internationalized modern center is situated on Pazhou Island, neighboring the Pearl River Delta and is a present metropolitan development. It contributes a stage for international information exchange, culture interchange, financial services, and tourism, etc.

Canton Fair has been successfully held for 15 times in the Pazhou complex. Basically, The fair is organized by Guangzhou Municipal People’ Government and China Foreign Trade Center. In 2007 Guangzhou Fair with 3,000 booths and more than 13 countries & 40 provinces attended has accomplished great progress; there were 385 cooperation projects dealt and the total trade value approached RMB 155,409,000,000.
The main design principle of Pazhou Complex is to extend the image of “flowing” of Pearl River. The wave like rooftop just likes the river flowing by. It integrates with surrounding environment elegantly. This design principle is unparalleled in all of the exhibition centres in the world.
The Canton Fair provides interpreters of different languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Arabic. For interpretation service, you need to contact the Interpretation Service Center in advance.
Taking a metro is the best way to get to Pazhou Complex. Businessmen can take the Metro Line2 and get off at the Pazhou Station, which is located at southwest and close to Pazhou Complex. If you are taking Metro Line 1, you can change to Metro Line 2 at Gongyuan Qian Station, while if you are taking the Metro Line 3, you can switch to Metro line 2 at Kecun Station.

Guangzhou Pearl River Skyline

Guangzhou: a Fantastic City in Southern China

Being the capital of Guangdong province, Guangzhou is a senior commercial city, the third metropolitan in mainland China and the stronghold of economy in Southern China. And it still plays an important role in the business area nowadays.


Guangzhou Sourcing Centres

As the host of China Import and Export Fair, Guangzhou is rich in sourcing centers in and nearby the city. For example, Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City, the largest one-stop footwear wholesale market; Baima Garment Market, fashionable wholesale center of middle and high-class garments; Zhonggang Toy Products Wholesale Center, a large-scale toy products wholesale plaza; and so on.

Guangzhou Cloth Market



Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale market is the largest market with the best decoration, matching the most complete and the best managed clothes market in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Fangcun Flower Market is the biggest flower market in Guangzhou which covers over 600,000 square meters and has put on sale 700,000 potted plants.


Guangzhou Diet

As the old saying “Eat in Guangzhou”, wealthy cuisines constitute a class of light Cantonese flavor and make Guangzhou’s name for gourmet’s heaven. As a matter of course, it’s the best choice for those who aren’t catered to the spicy food.

Cantonese Food and Dim Sum. Photo from internet.


Guangzhou Attractions

The wealthy attractions of Guangzhou also cope with its fame. There are varied places to fit different kinds travelers. If you are appealed by modern hotspots, Tianhe District, Canton Tower, Beijing Road and Pearl River Skyline will be in the favorable list. If you long for natural places, Yuexiu Park and Baiyun Mountain could be the best choice. If you yearn for historical and cultural experience, Chen Clan Academy, Liurong Temple, Zhenhai Tower and Cantonese Opera are recommended. If you come with your family, just dip your toe in Xiangjiang Safari Park and Chimelong Paradise. There are so many attractions, just go and explore out!!

Guangzhou Guangxiao Temple. With its typical magnificent architecture features, the academy is honored as the representation of Cantonese architectures and folk arts.

Guangzhou Pearl River Skyline