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Chimelong Paradise is a nice place for people to enjoy the exciting life

Guangzhou Changlong Holiday Resort is located in Dashijie Street in Fanyu District. It is a comprehensive entertainment park integrating sightseeing, accommodation, dining and entertainment. It contains Changlong Happy World, Changlong Water Paradise, Chimelong International Circus, Xiangjiang Sarafi Park, Guangzhou Crocodile Park and Chimelong Golf Center. 324
Chimelong Paradise is one of the theme parks owned by the Chimelong Group. With an investment of over 2 million RMB, it offers wonderful ride experiences, thrilling stunt shows and top parades, as well as high level intergrated service, with the aim of being the best theme park in the world. The Canton fair 2013 will be helded in Guangzhou, maybe you can go to the Chimelong Paradise to enjoy the exciting life if you have a time.
Opened in 2006, its designs and techniques are ranked on top in the world. Eight of its items are reputed as the best in Asia and the world. The uprightness roller coaster is named as the top one roller coaster in the world; the 10-looped roller coaster is recorded in Guiness Book; the Motor roller coaster is the first in the east; the U-shaped slide board is also the largest in Asia; it also stages the world’s largest water stunt show with an international cast of top stunt men and women. There are rides to scare even the biggest thrill seekers, an indoor Childrens ride entertainment area the largest of its kind in China, and a water world section where you are guaranteed to get wet. Chimelong Paradise is a nice place for young people to enjoy the exciting life; it is also a place for families to have fun!

Hot sun hangs in the sky, when you need water splashes to stimulate your passion and play with the sunshine! Chimelong Paradise promotes the brand-new pleasant patrolling travel with flying splash as the largest patrolling travel of theme park in China, with every detail planned and created by the performance teams from home and abroad. It consists of different theme formations and theme floats, when hundreds of beautiful girl and handsome boy performers will have a zero-distance carnival with you, creating the colorful and surprising funs and pleasures, and making happiness fly in the sky. During the parade, the performers will splash water with the tourists to one another, when the water splashes here and there, bringing the coolness to the sky. This is surely an agreeable pleasure in such hot summer.

The Canton Tower is one of the most recognizable features of the constantly-changing Guangzhou skyline

The Canton Tower is one of the most recognizable features of the constantly-changing Guangzhou skyline. Known as the “slim-waist” among the locals for its marvelous twisting structure, it has quickly become the icon of the city.

The tower is built in a very unique style. People also call the tower with a nick name “Xiao Man Yao” which means young girl with a tight waist. So the building is very attractive in its outlook. It looks like as if it’s moving ad alive. Formerly it was called Guangzhou TV and Sightseeing Tower.
The top of the tower has the most amazing and exciting entertainment for the visitors. The visitors while enjoying the panoramic view over the city can also enjoy a ride in the World’s highest Ferris wheel.  This amazing wheel consists of 16 pods holding a total of 96 fearless passengers. It is built on the 450 meter high canton tower and is one of the most attractive features of the tower.
Another key attraction of the canton tower is the Gravity machine. At the 450 meters high top deck level there is gravity machine that lifts the visitors another 35 meters up along the pole from where they will be dropped back again to the top of the deck. This can be the most spectacular experience of one’s life of falling back to earth from an exciting 485 meter.