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Canton Fair has become an important platform and ties for boosting the international trade

Canton Fair 2013 is the 113th session of the China Import and Export Fair. The Canton Fair is China’s largest trade fair, a fair of the highest level. The Pazhou exhibition halls will be used alternately during the whole fair. According to AUMA’s statistical standards, the CECF as a biannual event now ranks the world’s No.3 in terms of scale.

The Canton Fair is held every year in Spring and Autumn sessions of three phases each with the first session taking place in April/May and the second in October/November. Each phase usually lasts five days and showcases different product types. It is not for nothing that the fair is known as China’s largest and, during the 206th fair, 188,170 overseas buyers spent 30,470 USD while inspecting products displayed in 55,927 standard booths set up by 21,934 national and 386 international exhibitors. Canton Fair has become an important platform and ties for boosting the international trade. It is renowned as the ‘China’s No.1 fair’. Let’s inherit the glorious history and create a better future together! Your visit will make the Canton Fair a better exhibition!
Although Guangzhou has an airport, the number of international flights is limited and most people visiting the Canton Fair arrive into Hong Kong instead. It’s simple to reach Guangzhou from Hong Kong with regular trains between the two cities taking just over two hours. There are also a limited number of flight connections between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. With just a handful of exceptions, the Canton Fair has been wholly moved to the Canton Fair Complex on Pazhou Island. It’s located just on the outskirts of the city center and can be reached by Metro Line 2 (blue), although most of the better hotels will run complimentary shuttle buses.

Canton Fair is the largest biannual China trade fairs held in Guangzhou

Canton Fair is the largest biannual China trade fairs  held in Guangzhou. We are the most effective way to develop the business relationships you need to succeed in China. It’s no wonder that the Canton  Fair 2013 has already become a must see for all those looking for business success in China.

Pazhou Complex

If you’re planning on attending the Canton Fair 2013 it is essential that you apply for a Chinese visa. There are many ways of applying for a Chinese visa and if you wish to apply for one you can contact our office we can definitely help apply for visa or you can contact the embassy or consulate general of China in your country provided that you have an official invitation of the canton fair. Which means it is essential to get an invitation for the canton fair prior to applying for a visa. Now if you are an overseas buyer wishing to attend the Canton Fair 2013 you are also welcome to apply for a china visa in person at the Canton Fair Hong Kong Customer Support Center you could email them or make an appointment in advance. You can also contact the China Travel Service at in Hong Kong. Now once attending the canton fair assuming that you have your Chinese visa and invitation to attend in order, it is essential to register for the canton fair which will cover in the new article.
The Canton Fair is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year since the spring of 1957 in China.The Fair is co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of China and People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and organized by China Foreign Trade Centre.
Canton Fair held in Guangzhou, China is one of the largest trade fairs and is held twice per year in the spring and fall. With over 200,000 from around the world attending, finding a hotel in Guangzhou during the Canton Fair can be a challenge. At we help take the troubles out of travel with a great hotel selection in Guangzhou for the Canton Fair and around China from Beijing to Shenzhen.
Canton Fair,the largest modernized exhibition center in Asia, is located in Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China. It is a perfect integratation of human and ecological concerns and high technology and intelligentization, sparkling the world like a shining star.