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Heavenly Lake create a truly breath-taking view

Heavenly Lake is nestled high in the Tianshan Mountains, 115 kilometers (71 miles) west of Urumqi in Xinjiang, China. The area is one of the few unspoiled places in China. The crystal water reflects the snow-topped peaks, fluffy white clouds, and blue sky. This combined with the lush spruce forest covered shores create a truly breath-taking view.


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A local legend says that the Heavenly Empress would hold a gala at this lake whenever a local peach tree bore fruit. As this only happened about once every 3000 years, the banquets were understandably grand affairs. All the mortals would gather for such a long-awaited occasion, making the lake area into something of a Little Heaven, hence the name, Heavenly Lake.
The number of tourists to the Heavenly Lake is on the constant increase. The Heavenly Lake is an alpine drift lake shaped in the Quaternary Glacie period,and was listed by the State as one of the key scenic spots in 1982 Besides,it is an AAAA Grade scenic spots. Generally,there are eight famous attraction spots,a few cultural relics and eye catching mountains standing in the Heaven Lake.

This giant bowl of sapphire water is surrounded by mountains with majestic snow-crowned peaks reflecting on the lake, making the beauties of the lake and mountains an integral whole. Mountainsides are covered by green and luxuriant pines and cypresses extending as far as the eye can see. The open spaces between trees are embellished by rainbows of flowers, dotted with white yurts, and roamed by flocks of sheep that look like clouds floating past. This picturesque scene on a day after a rain is especially enchanting. In summer, the beautiful lake is an ideal cool resort. Boaters on the lake see the ever-changing silvery mountains soaring into the blue sky, their slopes highlighted with verdant pasture and flamboyant wild flowers. Fishing at dusk has its own special charm. A day in this fairyland promises restoration. In winter the beautiful lake is an ideal ski rink.