Asia restaurant in Guangzhou

If you go to Guangzhou for Canton Fair, This information of Asia restaurant in Guangzhou maybe useful for you.

Macau Street Restaurant
Macau Street Restaurant is the only chain store of Guangzhou serves Macau food.
Address 1: 138 Tiyu Donglu (Rd), Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Address 2: 360 Huanshi Donglu (Rd), Dongshan District, Guangzhou
Address 3: 412 Huanshi Donglu (Rd), Dongshan District, Guangzhou
Address 4: 9-13 Huaming Lu (Rd), Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Address 5: 2 Donghu Xilu (Rd), Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Address 6: 120 Liu Hua Lu (Rd), Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Address 7: 1039-1045 Baiyun Dadao (Rd), Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Cow and Bridge Thai Cuisine
Cow and Bridge Thai Cuisine as one of the famous Thailand Restaurant of Guangzhou the food there is mostly good. All of its materials and ingredients are imported front Thailand. Some of the famous and authentic Thai dishes which are popular in the Thai Restaurants of Guangzhou is Tom yam, Tom kha gai, satay, red curry green curry, Pad see ew, Khao Pad Naem, etc. You can have a taste of them.
Address 1: Xiang Long Garden, 175-181 Tian He Bei Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Address 2: 2/F Guangyi Plaza, 34-38 Hua Le Lu (Rd), Guangzhou

Banana Leaf Thai Restaurant
Banana Leaf Restaurant is the biggest chain restaurant of Thai food in China. It brings China the tropic area flavor wind from the Southeast Asia. The head office of Banana Leaf in Guangzhou reposes in the Broadcasting and Television Hotel established in 1995. This restaurant is now boasting many branches in Guangzhou and all over China with unique catering culture:” Where there is the Banana Leaf, there is a delicate food and happiness”. You will be reluctant to leave because of the festal atmosphere. Waiters are very humor and lovely there. They will dance when serving guests and even pull the guests out to dance together.
Guangzhou Banana Leaf Head Office: Broadcasting and Television Hotel, 8 Lu Hu Lu (Rd), Guangzhou Shimao Branch: 5/F World Trading Building, 371-375, Huanshi Donglu (Rd), Guangzhou
Shidai Gaungchang Branch: 2/F Times Plaza, 28 Tianhe Beilu (Rd), Guangzhou

Japan Fushion
It is saind Japan Fushion is the biggest Japanese food restaurant of Asia. So it is also the largest Japanese restaurant in Guangzhou. There are more than 1000 seats. The ambience and waiters are very interesting. From Japan Fushion you can taste all the Japanese dishes if you want to. All the dishes are in large course and is enough for you to have it.
Address: 358-378 Tianhe Beilu (Rd), Tainhe District, Guangzhou

A Thousand and One Night Restaurant
A Thousand and One Night Restaurant refers to Arabian Nights. The 1001 Arabian Nights Restaurant has raised an Arabian food upsurge since from its opening. It adds more cultural connotation of the rich and colorful Cantonese food. There is authentic Arabian cuisine for the clients. At the same, people can experience the soul of “Silk Road” civilization. It is magnificent and looks like a palace of Arabian. There are performances which are full of Arabian ethical culture.
Address: 899 Jiefang Bei Lu (Rd), Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Lemon House and Tiger Prawn Vietnamese Restaurant
Lemon House and Tiger Prawn all serve Vietnamese dishes and belong to the same boss. The Tiger Prawn Vietnamese Restaurant locates opposite the Lemon House. Both of them are often full of people. Do not be surprised if you see so many persons standing outside and waiting for the seats. They are willing to do this because they know this restaurant will put the delicious Vietnamese dishes on the table and for very reasonable price.
Address 1: 11 Jianshe Liu Ma Lu, Guangzhou
Address 2: 507 Huifu Dong Lu, Guangzhou

381Furusato Japanese Restaurant
Furusato Japanese Restaurant pays attention to serve dishes not only delicious but also good to health. The order of putting dishes on table is precisely and dishes wares are quite unique. The business there is always nice for many years. Inside, it is very quiet. The buffet dinner is also available. Only pity is the price is a bit high than other places.
Address: 2/F Huayuan Hotel, 368 Huanshi Donglu (Rd), Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Maple House

Haveli Restaurant and Bar
In order to make the dishes more authentic, this restaurant imports all the ingredients from India. And the chefs are Indian. It serves nice Indian food and sets open air seats. Most of the waiters are Indian, and they always smile to guests. There is a massage place upstairs.
Haveli Restaurant and Bar     Haveli Restaurant and Bar

Amanokawa Shop
Amanokawa Shop is a Japanese food restaurant. It is opened in 1998. It provides authentic Japanese cuisine and standard Japanese-style service. The ambience is elegant and great for have a rest. Modern and ancient fitments combine together make this restaurant is fashion and classical. Address: 233 Tianhe Beilu (Rd), Guangzhou

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