Western Restaurant in Guangzhou

If you go to Guangzhou for Canton Fair or other Guangzhou Fair 2013, This information of Western restaurant in Guangzhou maybe useful for you.


1920 Restaurant and Bar
Seats by the window in the restaurant provide a great view of the Pearl River and a feeling of wandering in Europe. This restaurant is an ideal place for friends’ unions and meetings. The German dishes are welcomed in the restaurant and, furthermore, German beer is undoubtedly the first choice.
Average price per person: 108 yuan
Opening hours: 11am – 1.30am
Address: 183 Yanjiang Middle Road, Yuexiu District (越秀区沿江中路183号)
Tel: 020-83336156
Transportation: Take subway line 2, get off at Haizhu Square station (海珠广场站), exit D.

El Espanol
You will be engulfed by the Spanish enthusiasm in this restaurant where the elegant decoration style, warm lights and joyful music blend in a good way. Spanish paella in this restaurant is highly recommended as the standout choice.
In addition, set meals are available at lunchtime every day.

Aisida Spanish restaurant
Chinese name: 爱斯达西班牙餐厅
Average price per person: 109 yuan
Opening hours: 11am – 1am
Address: Floor 2, Guangzhou World Trade Center, Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu District (越秀区环市东路371-375号世贸大厦2楼)
Tel: 020-87302610, 020-87302613
Transportation: Take subway line 5, get off at Taojin station (淘金站), exit B; bus 862, 219, 833, 233, 6, B10, B3, 191, get off at the Baiyun Hotel stop (白云宾馆站).

37°2 Bistro
37°2 Bistro is a very lovely restaurant serving French food. It is said that if you want French style food, you would better go to this restaurant. Warm and caressing ambience and fitment enable every guest here like staying at home.
Address 1: 7 Tiansheng Village, Huan Shi Dong Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Address 2: 29 Tianshou Lu (Rd), Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Wilber’s Wilber’s

Located in a white western building with warm and sweet decorations, soft lights and romantic jazz music, this restaurant provides a homelike experience for you. The dishes in the restaurant, such as the Italian dishes, are made elaborately to make customers feel satisfied.
Average price per person: 178 yuan
Opening hours: 11am – 12am
Address: 62 Zhusigang Second Road, Yuexiu District (越秀区竹丝岗二马路62号)
Tel: 020-37611101
Transportation: Take subway line 1, get off at Dongshankou station (东山口站).

La Seine Restaurant
La Seine is a French restaurant in Guangzhou. La Seine Restaurant is the most authentic French restaurants in Guangzhou. It is in front of the Guangdong Art Gallery. This restaurant gives priority to Western-style food and also provides nice cocktail. People can merely see any Chinese in this restaurant except the menu. Some times it is so quiet that people can only hear the whispering wind from the river.
Address: 33 Qing Bo Lu (Rd), Dongshan District, Guangzhou
La Seine Restaurant     La Seine Restaurant
P.S.: A buffet is available on Saturdays.

Les Trois Gros BistroLes Trois Gros Bistro
Les Trois Gros Bistro at Tinhe East Road (天河东路店)
Although it is not very big, you can indulge in the elegant and emotional atmosphere and delicious French dishes in this restaurant. The smothered duck breast is the “hit dish” as well as the simmered goose liver. The enthusiastic service creates a homelike feeling in the restaurant that wins many customers’ satisfaction.

Jardin d’Olive

You can find authentic French dishes in this restaurant where you can feel comfortable and warm with the red walls and a lovely garden surrounded by balusters. Soft and fragrant pizzas and smothered chicken are the two most welcomed dishes of the restaurant.
Chinese name: 橄榄园法国乡村小厨
Average price per person: 122 yuan
Opening hours: Mon 5.30pm – 11pm, Tue – Fri 11.30am – 2.30pm and 5.30pm – 11pm, Sat – Sun 11.30am – 11pm
Address: Room 101, 48 Tiyu West Road, Tianhe District (天河区体育西路48号101室)
Tel: 020-87506440
Transportation: Take subway line 3, get off at Sports West station (体育西站), exit H.

Oggi PizzaOggi Pizza
Oggi Pizza at Tianhe (天河店)

Feeling like a little cute shop in Europe, this restaurant is leisurely, cozy and exotic. Have a good teatime in this restaurant and enjoy the wonderful, considerate service. Obviously, pizza is the specialty of this restaurant. Roasted cheese, sausage and mushrooms with rich fragrances and a pleasant taste appeal to many customers every day. Other Italian dishes are also very popular.
Chinese name: 欧吉比萨店
Average price per person: 107 yuan
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11.45am – 11pm
Address: Floor 1, 1 Tiyu East Road, Tianhe District (天河区体育东路1号1楼)
Tel: 020-87515882
Transportation: Take subway line 1, get off at Sports Center station (体育中心站), exit D.

Danny’s Bagel
You will feel intoxicated in the comfortable and leisurely environment of this restaurant with simple and stylish decorations. Although it is not spacious, you will find sitting on the sofas reading the magazines or chatting with friends to be very relaxing. The good service will make you feel warm and agreeable.
The specialty of this restaurant is desserts, such as cheese with baked chips. Pizza is another must-have dish of this restaurant. The prices are moderate and sometimes discounted. In addition, the Italian dishes are welcomed by many customers.

Mexican Restaurant
Mexican Restaurant is ingeniously. The atmosphere is clean and comfortable. It is a bistro sized restaurant with wooden floor and classical pictures hanging on the wall. The air inside is full of Latin music. Everywhere is in the Mexican style. Food there are in typical America style and major are beef.
Address: 4/F, East Tower Pearl River Building, 360 Huanshi Donglu
Mexican Restaurant     Mexican Restaurant

Samba BBQ
If you are a meat lover, you will very be excited in Samba BBQ. Samba BBQ provides people the buffet dinner. The waiters will send you the barbeque with sweet smiles which will enable you happy to taste it. It is often lively inside and there are often interested dancing and singing performances in Brazil style. As this restaurant is very hot, so as long as you want to go there, you would better make a reservation ahead.
Address: 11 Jianshe Liu Ma Lu
Samba BBQ     Samba BBQ

Senses of Guangzhou reposes in the heat of Tianhe District. It is a romantic place to have dinner. Quiet ambience and warm light make you seem like to in a dream. The most noticeable thing is the decorating art hanging around the wall. The food is prepared by Canadian chef Jackon Qiu. He has also leant the western-style food in UK.
Address: Tian Yu Garden, 140, Linghe Zhonglu (Rd), Guangzhou

Gails Place American Restaurant
Gail”s Palce features great food and drink in a relaxing and friendly ambience. It serve all your favorite food such as burger, sandwich, pizza, steak, pasta, sala, Mexican food, and falafel… Address 1: 96 Heng Fu Lu, Guangzhou. (by the Guangdong Second Chinese Medical Hospital).
Address 2: C12 De Zhe Building Riverside Garden, Panyu District, Guangzhou
Gails Place American Restaurant     Gails Place American Restaurant

Buongiorno without Chinese name, though it is in Guangzhou of China. It built in 2006 and since from then, it always serves people the authentic Italian delicate food. The chef is Italian, the boss is Italian and the row materials are from Italy too. You can get Italian pizza, macaroni, Tiramisu … The most surprising thing is when you are there in that restaurant, you will find much ancient Chinese wooden furniture which is even difficult found in Chinese families.
Address: 33 Jianse Liu Ma Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Spaghetti House
Here are some lists of the menu: Spaghetti and Lasagna, Carbonara, Spaghetti Neapolitan, Bacon, Sausage and Mushrooms, Crab and shrimp au gratin, Angel pasta with lobster and scallop au grain… Address 1: 7/F of Tee Mall
Address 2: 5 Xi Sheng Jie(street), Tong Xin Lu (Rd), Guangzhou

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