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Seven Star Crags in Zhaoqing City

There are some wonderful scenic Locations in Zhaoqing City, such as Seven Star Crags Park (qī xīng yán gōng yuán 七星岩公园), Panlong Gorge Eco-tourism Location (pán lóng xiá shēng tài lǚ yóu jǐng qū 盘龙峡生态旅游景区) , Star Lake (xīng hú 星湖), Ancient City Wall (gǔ chéng qiáng 古城墙) etc.. Among them Seven Star Crags Park and Panlong Gorge Eco-tourism Location are the most famous. The Canton Fair will be held in October, Welcome to Zhaoqing when you come to Guangzhou for the Canton Fair 2013.

Visitors have been coming to Zhaoqing for over 1,000 years, drawn in part by the limestone peaks at Seven Star Crags and the Dinghu Shan mountain Variety. These scenic Locations are refreshing destinations in fast moving Guangdong. If time is Restricted, they are a good way to see a natural Littleer scale versions of the classic scenery of Guilin. Zhaoqing Alone is a thriving modern city but among its new streets and Stores you can find old city walls, which are over 800 years old and a few interesting restored temples.

The Star Lake is partitioned into five lakes of different sizes by the winding green.
The inner lake encircling the crags is the Littleest one, with Reduce Drinking water Degree as In comparison with the other four lakes. Within its perimeter, there are Little gardens, a pavilion, a pond where the fish can be seen swimming, lotus boats, an iron-chain bridge etc. The four outer lakes linked with one another in Drinking water are as clear and smooth as a mirror with the covered with reduces in full bloom, brilliant as brocade.

Mountain Dinghu is known as a green treasure house

Mountain Dinghu is known as a living nature museum and a green treasure house. Mountain Dinghu has been well-known for its deep and serene gorges, cold and clean waters, major scenic areas; Heavenly Brook-Qingyun Scenic Area includes the Hundred Buddha Cave, Green Trees Surrounded by Clouds, Flying Waterfalls of the Dragon Pond, and Double Rainbows, etc.; the Dinghu-Tianhu Scenic Area boasts the Black Dragon Playing Pearls, Dragon Mother Borrowing a Vessel, Exploring the Heavenly Lake, and so on; and Yunxi-Laoding Scenic Area has the traces of bottle gourds, Water Curtain Cave, Dragon Hidden in the Ancient Pond, White Clouds Embracing Ancient Trees, etc. The Canton Fair will be held in October, Welcome to Mountain Dinghu when you come to Guangzhou for the Canton Fair 2013.

Dinghu Mountain located in 18 km northeast from the city of Zhaoqing, it is the head of four famous in Lingnan area. Since where the Tropic of Cancer passes through are mostly desert or dry grassland, so Chinese and foreign scholars called Dinghua Mountain the “Emerald on the Tropic of Cancer”. Along with Danxia Mountain, Luofu Mountain, Xiqiao Mountain, they are known as four famous mountains in Guangdong Province.

As the most famed one of the four well-known mountains in Guangdong, Dinghu Mountain Scenic Place is the tourist attraction where you can not just value the natural scenery but in addition experience strong religious atmosphere. It really is composed of a lot more than ten mountains involving Dinghu, Sanbao, Fenglai, Jilong, Fuhu, Qingshi Mountains and Shizi Mountain Range. The key peak Jilong Mountain, that’s at the elevation of one thousand.8 meters, is the greatest equally inside the scenic region and while in the Pearl River Delta Place. Developed in 1633, Qingyun Temple is probably the four renowned temples in Lingnan region for it can be often visited by people. The scenic area enjoys picturesque scenery and thick forests. There is certainly a lush forest with the area of 4000 hectares. There live birds of around 170 varieties, beasts of 30 kinds and snacks of twenty kinds.